Music Reviews: #32 – “Da Hood” Issue

Welcome personality #78: street cred hip-hop wannabe, Crammy “Snortie or Shortie” Johnston A.K.A. “Lil’Snortie”. Wears a lot of 77-Street chains and frequents the Far East outlet. Loves Phuture to beats so much so that he can “totally jizz-ed in the pants, bro”. Is underaged but wants to get a cool tattoo at the back of his body, probably of his name fully across the shoulder blades, calling it “cool dope, dude!”.

Cover, Song, Artiste & Album Review & Rating
Kiss Me Thru The Phone
Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em featuring Sammie
iSouljaBoy Tell’Em
I hated his first single (The Travis Barker remix saved it slightly) so much so that I can accept anything, even how mainstream this is. It will, however, give brain damage to any true Hip-Hop fans. More lingerie for Soulja, thanks, please.

2-stars rating

Personality #78 [“Lil’Snortie”; underaged Hip-Hop wannabe]:
Yo, bronze broz of the world, chez thiz joint shit right here. Thiz song iz my homiez on the streetz, ya know whocha. Thiz crack bringz me to the hood dude! I totally wannaz snortz. Ladiez grind with me at the groin. Word upz.

Kat DeLuna featuring Lil’ Wayne
Inside Out

Talk about having “skin really thick”. Everyone’s bagging on the fame of Lil’ Wayne and featuring him on every shit on there. Miss I-could-make-a-racist-joke-here-made-by-my-sis-but-I-won’t, please save yourself from the title of “I-will-just-make-more-dance-records-to-make-them-forget-that-I-have-not-much-topics-to-sing-about”.

2.5-stars rating

Personality #78 [“Lil’Snortie”; underaged Hip-Hop wannabe]:
Thiz track makez me on ice, them ecstasy, damn drugz. I get high, like them ladiez with the killer curvez make me scream for more, and I get slight taste of heavenz. I am a blizz hiphopper star. Thiz track drop da bomb!


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