It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World Out There

I normally don’t do this, but I think I am under the influence of my sister. Yes, I am watching American Idol (this is the perfect part to play the theme music to the show).

At this point in time, it is now down to the Top 3, and the performance show had been aired tonight. I have to admit, all 3 own pick’s performances were good and deserving to be fighting for the coveted finale positions. And the results’re usually packed with its own twists and turns of surprises, so to fully support on one will be underestimating the charms of the other two. Not forgetting, the crazy fanbases. So I will do a brief summary of my own predictions, and surprise of all surprises, I have no intentions of insulting any fans of any particular contestant remaining. And I have to admit one thing first too, that I did not catch Adam’s last performance cause I switched to MTV as they were playing a video by Fever Ray, which I like.

Who I want to see go: Kris Allen
Who will go: Really, it’s anybody’s game. But I have a hunch it could be Danny Gokey. (whom I like, actually)
What I find may result in favour of Kris: How everyone from Simon to especially Ryan hinted that he was the dark horse in the competition and if he would be back next week in the finale.
Based on fanbase: If only viewers knew how much each contestant got for last week’s votings…

Enough of me. Below are some more views, click:
here to see why critic thinks Kris will win it all;
here for a group of reality TV reviewers’ predictions;
here for MTV’s recap;
here for a funny comment-while-viewing ‘live’ reporting;
here for Justin Guarini’s opinions, if you know or care who the hell he is anyway;
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here for one critic who just isn’t wow-ed by anything Kris does;
here if one don’t give a hoot about predictions and just wanna wait for the show tomorrow;
here if one thinks AI sucks and just don’t give a fuck.


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