Music (Video) Reviews: #35 – In The Shoes Of Kelly’s

Evaluating myself as a role of an uncle, in terms of censorship of videos for my two-year-old niece.

Cover, Song, Artiste & Director
Review & Rating

If U Seek Amy
Britney Spears

Okay, while Wiki-ing for this single, I found the other meaning to the title, and I questioned my role of an uncle once again. Though not obvious, I wondered whether I am a bad influence? Now I know why BBC played the edited “Amy” version.

The “Lalala” is very contagious, and the video is surprisingly clean, lean and mean.

Song: 3.5-stars rating
(Upon discovery of the hidden possible meaning, I actually like the song even more. I am S-C-A-N-D-A-L.)

Video: 3-stars rating

A Good Uncle? (Video/Song): 2.5-stars rating
(Suggestive lyrical content)

The Show
Very mainstream friendly, even may spark a little bit of creativity for the young ones. The ‘hopping around’ scenes may be a little unrealistic and associated with “dropping down from the sky”, but that is if one decides to hire a bodyguard and a PI to track the children’s whereabouts in the near future.

A Good Uncle? (Video/Song): 4-stars rating

Poker Face
Lady GaGa
The Fame
Though it is only for the two harlequin Great Danes, the whole striptease poker, outrageous outfits and dirty dancing scenes are too much to ignore. I have been warned not to show such contents in their presence.

A Good Uncle? (Video/Song): 0.5-star rating

A Good Uncle? (Video/Song):

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