Music Reviews: #36

Cover, Song, Artiste & Album Review & Rating
Teardrops On My Guitar
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
God knows how many musical closets I own – one for several Paramore singles, one for Britney Spears, one for Lady GaGa.

Mainstream success, pop country ballad, fans gainer, and is that a tinge of maturity in the lyrics instead of singing about white horses and prince charming? (unless, this, is, about Joe Jonas)

The video’s ending, however, sad as it may seemed, makes me laugh. It is so fake that it reminds me that it is a music video.

Music: 3.5-stars rating

Video: 2.5-stars rating

Let’s Get Excited
Alesha Dixon
The Alesha Show
I’m split on this. Alesha is my favourite off Mis-Teeq, for obvious reasons (Pharrell will agree on this). One part of me wants her to do well as a solo artiste; the other wants her solo career to crumble and Mis-Teeq to reform and good old pop/R&B hits to revive; the other other don’t want Mis-Teeq to reform like so many bloody bands did recently – from good to bad. I always know I am a little three-headed.

And as a whole, this single supports the second thought. Though a great live track to perform and club tune to dance to, it doesn’t support her vocally as a singer.

Video is kinda boring, matter-of-fact. As usual, Alesha is the only eye candy.

Music: 2-stars rating

Video: 1.5-stars rating

Akon featuring Colby O’Donis & Kardinal Offishall
Colby O’Donis has the coolest features and the addictive lyrics part, not forgetting he is a charmer and a ladykiller. Akon has got the hottest commercial acts signed under Konvicted. Kardinal Offishall is one of them, and should never work with Keri again.

But alas, it is sure weird for 3 straight males to be singing about beautiful. It does seem like they have something not good up their sleeves, if one is to know with I mean. (I think one is to know)

Video is pure R&B/Hip-Hop bullshit.

Music: 2.5-stars rating

Video: 2-stars rating

(Pictures’ source from Wikipedia)


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