… Because Adam’s Not With Eve?

With the so-called surprise result, a whole string of entertainment news reports have been pointing at what they proclaimed could have been the cause/main reason for the loss of title: homophobia. But is it?

(Image from http://www.courtauld.ac.uk)

Initially, way before the finale, while talking with friend(s) on the topic, I had thought so to be. That was during or after Top 5, when no one could’ve accurately predicted what was going to happen on. But as the competition stiffened and it showed, I began to realize that Adam still have a go at it (then). This is, afterall, a singing talent competition, and fans’ votes are the ultimate matter.

Okay, maybe some of the votes could have been directed at that [the issue of homophobia], but one couldn’t deny that Kris Allen possibly has the biggest supporting fanbase, that he is okay-looking (gorgeous in them eyes) and a little bit of a ladykiller, especially with young (screaming) teenage girls. Adam’s performances are more than good, yes, but admit it – everyone’s cup of tea differs from one another.

Though it is only current, with the fever of news and the possible signs of anger from Adam’s fans, which will sooner or later subside, let’s just remember this: this is what America (and some others) have voted, and unless they have secretly manipulated, though highly unlikely.

So just celebrate the American Idol victory and whatever the future holds. And to show I am not supporting the homophobia, I hate rules. And there, I done it, from a “erk. Kris Allen is boring” person.


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