Music Reviews: #38 – In The Shoes Of Kelly’s (2)

Cover, Song, Artiste & Album Review & Rating
Daniel Merriweather featuring Wale
Love And War
Downside first: this video is quite a bore, though relevant to the lyrics. On the plus, and strangely intriguing, the melody and lyrics are kinda hooks. If it has the magic to attract an almost-two niece without visual effects, it has gottabe a winner.

Music: 3.5-stars rating

Video: 2-stars rating
Good Uncle?: 4.5-stars rating
(Though the harsh reality of lyrical content)

Know Your Enemy
Green Day
21st Century Breakdown

My niece started to jiggy with the infectious drumbeats at the start. Green Day returns with the same working formula on American Idiot, that it has bits of the title track all over it.

Is it addictive? Somewhat yes.
Is it new? No.
The video is a huge bore, though.

Music: 3-stars rating

Video: 2-stars rating
Good Uncle?: 2.5-stars rating

Lovers In Japan
Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends
The visual effects are brilliant, if not a little giddy if you really stare into it. Kinda hynotize you to stay glued to the TV set for more. It’s a digital trick! Don’t fall for it!

Music: 3.5-stars rating

Video: 3.5-stars rating

Good Uncle?: 3-stars rating
(May become artistic but also develop the need to wear glasses)

(Pictures’ sources from Wikipedia)


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