Music Reviews: #39 – Personnas

Cover, Song, Artiste & Album Review & Rating
Hoedown Throwdown
Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana
OST: Hannah Montana – The Movie
Firstly, Miley Cyrus is a better name. Secondly, there’s not much differences between both personas. Thirdly, your debut as Miley is not really as “mature” as you proclaimed. Fourthly, you so badly want to be famous, don’t you? Fifthly, I see you, somewhere down the line, as a “different” Britney Spears. Wanna bet, anyone?

Personna: 1-star rating

Song: 2-stars rating

Heavy Cross
Gossip / GOXXIP / GSSP
Music For Men

There are just some acts that one knows will be good live as per or more than how the records sound, just by listening to them [records]. Gossip is definitely one of them.

Sure, depending on each’s uptightness, they are signed under Sony’s LGBT label, Music With A Twist; lead singer Beth Ditto is an out lesbian and doesn’t shave her armpits because “I think punks usually smell”. The ultimate matter is the music, energy and vibrance. And with the lead singer (like the case of YYYs), they got it all.

Personna: 5-stars rating

Song: 5-stars rating

Last Night
Diddy / P.Diddy / Puff Daddy
featuring Keyshia Cole
Press Play

Diddy, Timbaland and Keri Hilson have something in common: they make magic in production works but not as much upfront.

Sure, Timbaland had a successful “Presents: Shock Value” album, but how long had he been inside the industry before that?

Diddy, all your personnas are the same – fashionable, loud, in-yer-face. This track just really features how awesome Keyshia Cole is. (I am biased)

Don’t make me talk about Keri Hilson’s debut album. Can one imagine how many people she has to drag along if she has a tour?

Personna: 2-stars rating

Song: 3.5-stars rating

I Am… Sasha Fierce
Beyonce can really be the queen of synchoronized sexy dancing. Sasha Fierce is the onstage personna she develops, who is “aggressive, sexual, and, well, fierce”, probably after the hugely successful commercial album B’Day. Song is not as experimental as “Diva”.

Personna: 4.5-stars rating

Song: 2.5-stars rating

(Pictures’ sources from Wikipedia)


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