Music Reviews: #40

Fresh from the grill comes this group of video reviews, probably with no frills.

Cover, Song, Artiste & Album Review & Rating
Hush Hush; Hush Hush
Pussycat Dolls
Doll Domination
So, this is it, eh? I was secretly interested in this and now the line is being drawn clearly.

Firstly, controversy surrounded this single and the previous due to the segregation of Nicole Scherzinger’s (always reminds me of the KFC burger) name from the rest of the group. Details, here. Pardon me for saying, but it is too obvious how much Nicole wants to branch out of the group to strike it out (rich) on her own. Afterall, the critics’ and general sales response for the album has not been positive.

Video’s opening features Nicole in a bathtub scene, which can be an eye-opener for some, but there is this thing on the Web called pornography.

It is completely a horrible nightmare that they mixed a classic hit “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor into this pop trash of a record. Pardon me, but I had grew out of the age of liking covers released as a mainstream single, unless creativity, individuality and originality are involved, in which, in this case, it is a failure.

Music: 1.5-stars rating

Video: 1.5-stars rating

Lady Gaga
The Fame
Video is still over-the-top, and continues Gaga’s pop music world domination, with crazy outfits, girl-on-girl kissing scenes, and ending off with Gaga poisoning her on-video boyfriend.

I have a hunch this will grow to be a winner just like the previous two worldwide smash with the mainstreamers. Afterall, controversy seems to be a win-win situation for her.

Music: 2.5-stars rating

Video: 3-stars rating

(Album Cover)

The Saturdays
Chasing Lights

Growing up from an era of pop groups in teenage times (e.g. Blue, S Club 7, 5ive), I now have a reservation when I see a group. It’s no exception for The Saturdays.

I don’t think this [track] has any strong vocals potential, but it will propel the ladies’ pop status in the Kingdom, but still, a far cry in the other regions. But still, maybe because I prefer Girls Aloud any day, that may explain why I have a little grudge against this group.

Video is boring, but not as much as “Up”.

Music: 2-stars rating

Video: 2-stars rating

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