I Love You, Daniel

I have declared my love for you before, and I will do it again.

I first saw the video for the single somewhere in March, and being a video person person, I was captivated by the weird black figures, bizarre dancings, burnt down environment, dark animated crows flying about. Okay, I am quite emo.

I was jogging one Sunday dusk, sisterless (who were napping); this song came about on my iPod, and I was delighted. I had just completed a five-laps run, and was taking one cool-down walk round. The melody rushed in, to my eardrums; suddenly I wanted to close my eyes to experience the song more without the visuals disturbing the melodies of the song. I thought I saw a wave of colours crashing in the dead darkness ahead – but wait, or were they just blurry circles of colours that I thought I saw? I found it somewhat settling with my eyes closed, walking a familiar and comfortable path, and wondered about wandering off the track, into the road, and getting knocked down by a fast approaching car and its unsuspecting driver, too late for any rational reaction. How beautiful a death, I thought, and how much I would feel blissed at that particular moment, to have died under such beautiful circumstances and a melody to kill for.

Daniel, I love you. And you set fire to my heart.

by Bat For Lashes

off the album “Two Suns”

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