Music Reviews: #42

The heavyweights sink.

Cover, Song, Artiste & Album Review & Rating

I Gotta Feelin’
The Black Eyed Peas
The E.N.D.
I gotta feeling this song will be a mainstream hit. The BEP continued their venture into electropop.

But is this even singing? Aren’t they just telling/talking to whoever’s listening? I love their energy and all, but really – IS THIS EVEN SINGING? Can anyone hear my cry?

Sia, Kanye West and Patrick Wolf have done their creative bits with fluorescent latex; Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Peaches have touched on girl-on-girl actions in their music videos. They want mainstream so bad that they even release a clean version themselves. The irony.

Music: 1.5-stars rating

Video: 2-stars rating

I Do Not Hook Up
Kelly Clarkson
All I Ever Wanted
Catchy as it is, this song can’t escape sounding like the same [winning] formula as with “My Life Would Suck Without You”. And as good as it is, it doesn’t help sounding the same like the one before. I want Kelly to try something different – yes, I am gonna do it – to “Breakaway”. There one go.

As for video, looks like someone has been given the Hollywood treatment by management!

Song: 3-stars rating

Video: 2.5-stars rating

Get On Your Boots
No Line On The Horizon
I can’t resist: You don’t know how irresistibly sexy this song is. And coming from a group that one can call fathers or uncles to, this is an incredible feat. The lyrics are like chain hooks; the drumbeats are killers. This may sound like a different U2, but embrace changes.

Music:4.5-stars rating

Video: 3-stars rating

Did You See Me Coming?
Pet Shop Boys
Fact: The Pet Shop Boys have been around since 1981, and that is 28 years in the making. That, enough, is capable of giving the props to.

This song is pure Pet Shop Boy blend of pop, addictive, fans’ favourite and a seemingly touch of 80’s class, doing what they do best.

Music:4.5-stars rating

Video: 2.5-stars rating


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