Music Reviews: #44

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LA Girls
Mams Taylor featuring Joel Madden
Persona Non Grata

How is one gonna make it sound good to an artiste who sounds better on guest appearance than in his own band? Ah, I wrote about Keri Hilson before, too, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Joel Madden, one-fifth and lead vocalist of Good Charlotte, a pop/punk outfit, compliments well with Taylor’s rapping style, over a(n infectious) club hit. Afterall, dating Nicole Richie, he is definitely living the LA lifestyle, and this is the kinda music that will probably suit his personality more.

Video displays Taylor’s social network, featuring Mila Kunis and Carmen Electra in starring roles. Got the Hollywood feel, though the theme is a little lame. Carmen’s in short outfit, which may lead to several nosebleeding incidents.

Music: 2.5-stars rating

Video: 2.5-stars rating

When Love Takes Over
David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland
One Love
Don’t you remind me of Blue, again. [Argh]

This single is thus popular in the UK that two fake versions had been digitally released, and the management team for Guetta had decided to move forward the release date. I strongly believe this will be Rowland’s first UK #1, so watch this space. [It is – Ed.]

It is a club winner – one can probably visualize oneself singing, dancing and grooving along to this tune. The question is: did it sample Coldplay’s “Clocks” track? It’s all up to individual judgement.

Video looks like a great party to gatecrash.

Music: 3.5-stars rating

Video: 2.5-stars rating

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