Music Reviews: #45

Reviews the studio release version of two of the most memorable performances on the eighth season of American Idol.

Cover, Song, Artiste & Album

Review & Rating


originally performed by Kanye West

808s & Heartbreaks

covered by Kris Allen

The title of underdog was erased when a [secretly awesome] acoustic guitar performance was given to shatter earlier misconceptions of frontrunners.

However, not all of the magic is transformed into the iTunes-released single; it sounded a little dull. It doesn’t help that The Fray did a much better and well-arranged cover version earlier on in the year at BBC’s Live Lounge.

I guess one can’t win them all.

3-stars rating

Mad World

originally performed by Tears For Fears

The Hurting

covered by Adam Lambert

I was not sure if it was his first – but from what little I had seen, it was my first time seeing him give – standing ovation for a contestant. And to be honest, this version and performance still give me the goosebumps, the good ones that one gets when a loved one touches.

The studio version is almost as flawless as the performance given. And to appear on the cover of The Rolling Stones even before a debut album is released, that speaks a lot. A fucking gothic Hell lot.

4.5-stars rating

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