With A Little Help From My Friends (Final Straw)

* It is now down to the final month for the contest!
I thank all of those who have voted their thumbs of approval on my few articles – friends and strangers alike – thank you all for your kindest support. Please click on the links and vote again, as much as possible!

For the newest post, read on to the next.

If one is to like what is read here, please go on down to the following links to vote for articles written by me, be it the pleasure of reading or pure friendship scam.

The Fame Game: http://www.mtvasia.com/Funstuff/Contests/BloggerContest/viewentry.php?id=2

Pirates of the Webwaves: http://www.mtvasia.com/Funstuff/Contests/BloggerContest/viewentry.php?id=21

It’s like mixing business with pleasure, isn’t it?: http://www.mtvasia.com/Funstuff/Contests/BloggerContest/viewentry.php?id=52

In the footsteps of…: http://www.mtvasia.com/Funstuff/Contests/BloggerContest/viewentry.php?id=299

Thank you very much.


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