A Quick Check On The Situation

Happened to be at the Changi Airport on Tuesday, 23rd June 2009, and at that moment in time, the Influenza A (H1N1) had already begun spreading on a communal basis. Is Singapore aware and cautious of the situation at hand?

On the short duration I was there, I only saw two people wearing masks – with one being an old ah pek comfortably dozing off into sleep on a chair, with the mask only covering his nose, thus exposing his mouth to fully take in the air, to snore with, or to better sleep with. A general decrease in number of people could also be tabulated, but since it was a Tuesday, and not a weekend day, the observation cannot be substantial. Are Singaporeans, or the people of the world, taking a light issue on a global epidemic issue?

Local and global cases are still on the rise, as according to updates from this and that. But the WHO had assessed the overall severity to be on a scale of moderate, considering the facts that recovery cases were on a general high and hospitals and health care systems in most countries are able to cope with the number of people seeking medical care.

As my sister said, “life goes on”, and it sure does. Life has to continue and people still have to head out, regardless of for work or the basic necessities of life or on the social grounds. People are still travelling around the world. The streets are still filled with different walkers of life. Clubbers still hit the nightscene like there’s no tomorrow. People had already forgotten that it was a year ago since Heath Ledger’s death; life does really go on, like what LeAnn Rimes sing (may not be the best choice of song reference).

Someone recently twittered about “being responsible” and all. True, indeed – but how to? The fever detector is not gonna do all the hardwork for the people of the world, and people who only develop the symptoms thereafter will have escaped the fever detection.

The issue therefore narrows down to the individual – if one does not feel well or have been in contact with a confirmed or suspected case or have travelled to the affected areas, one should have the basic discipline to quarantine oneself from others, to minimize contacts with others. If one can, avoid places where crowds gather, though that will be rather easily said than done for some. All-in-all, just maintain a healthy and clean lifestyle is the best solution to any illnesses out there.

One Response to “A Quick Check On The Situation”
  1. nealm says:

    i was more scared at the onset of this pandemic than i am now. when i realized that the fatality rate is considerably less than dengue and that a healthy lifestyle and diet and cautious interaction with people lessen the likelihood of my contracting it, life indeed goes on for me and obviously for everybody else. i think the transparency and homogeneity of our societies and the instantaneous dissemination of information make it look even scarier and us even more vulnerable. hope this is not mother nature’s arsenal against us to balance things out.

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