New Vids On The Bloc: #1

I still haven’t come to terms with calling this site a “blog”, so call it whatever one wants, but I decided to use the general termology in the title in reference with this series of posts to come.

It has come to a weekly routine on Sundays that I explore into the world of music videos uploaded over the Internet universe, with the help of several music resources (a master never reveals his secrets, or some sorta). So it is no surprise that I may not be able to cover them all with the weekly Excel-tabulated Vidiscovery, and what is to become of those undiscovered videos, maybe a little less appealing than those featured or just generally pure bullshit?

Here’s a weekly spotlight at several videos viewed, with free commentaries (in my head) thrown in as well.

“Dead Disco Dancer”
My first general reaction, evil as I was, was to laugh at the deep voice that I did not expect from the lead singer Tobi O’Kandi. But the music is great indie that the second listen is favourable enough. Reminds me of other deep-voiced in the music world, e.g. Nick Cave.

Katy Perry
“Waking Up In Vegas (official remix)”
Nothing sells more sex than being in a big shotglass in a gold bra. Vegas baby.

“Beat Again”
Warning: the following video contains quick flashes of nice-defined abs of British black males, members of JLS, the runner-ups of The X-Factor 2008; or to be more sarcastic, The XXX-Factor. It has the potential to make girls and gays go wild and probably pee in their pants, since it has already been added to the ‘A’ list of BBC Radio 1. Please try to refrain oneself. Memories of Blue flashed by. Not a good timing.

Beyonce featuring Kanye West
“Ego (remix)”
I love this version so much more than the original, probably due Kanye’s egoistic, corky, confident and winning ways. Or that he is playing with the word “ego” with you-know-where-what-it-is-male-reproductive-part.

Tinchy Stryder featuring Amelle Berrabah
“Never Leave You”
Not to be mistaken with The Noisettes’ current single, with just a word difference, I couldn’t help but wonder if Tinchy is just repeating his thang on the UK #1 smash, ironically titled “Number 1” featuring N-Dubz, onto this follow-up single. Amelle Berrabah is the member of Sugababes that replaced Mutya Buena.

New Boyz
“You’re A Jerk”
It went straight as a new debut on the Billboard Hot 100 at #32, and strangely [secretive], I actually like this, and hopes it doesn’t get mainstream. I know, what is becoming of me?


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