Music Reviews: #48

Reinvites the Hip-Hopper in.

Cover, Song, Artiste & Album

Review & Rating

Stronger Woman
Perfectly Clear

Yo shortie, listen, I thought you and I had some joint? Some sorta shortie connection? Why you gon’ cover damn pretty little mountains up? I love the joint you did with the “Intuition” thingy, please do that joint again!


Is it just myself or is she being totally comfortable with herself once again, after the huge commercial struggle? Isn’t it sweet of a picture of herself and husband on Twitter, this is? Despite this being an enpowering song for the opposite sex of mine, I feel happy, for her, to be back in her own skin.

3.5-stars rating

Stuck With Each Other
Shontelle featuring Akon

Homie girlie, shortie you can be stuck with me all day all night, baby! We ain’t gonna need the companion of other people, like why you got that man of a Akon over there, ladyee? You and I are gon’ touch the sky, babyee!


This just proves the pointer of possible one hit wonder on the part of Shontelle. And this outfit (previously worn by the incredible Bai Ling) has to resurface in the video? No vocal demostration in song; boring video of watching a woman shopping in front of possible boyfriend [why can’t I be the one shopping?].

2-stars rating

Girl Gotta Girlfriend
Mams Taylor featuring Snoop Dogg & Bobby Valentino
Persona Non Grata

Yes, this is in da hood, man. It is like the crack in the street, the boyz in the gangz. It is the fresh hoodie air that we homies snortz in. We click like damn paralleled lines. Yo like my backup plan homie, the one who kick the rival’s jackass when shortie, I am, in need of help.


This is a call of desperation. When Katy released a track about kissing a girl, it never could get to this – a group of men getting turned on by girl-on-girl action (in which, I know, there are such cases around the world, even here in Singapore). And if that doesn’t scream for attention, nothing will. Just that this not-even-catchy track probably will not even get it.

2-stars rating


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