New Vids On The Bloc: #2

Master Shortie
“Dead End”

At first look, I mistook this young rapper of only 20 to be one-half of the garage duo, Oxide & Neutrino, famous in the UK back in the early 20-something’s. He released debut single “Rope Chain” in September 2008; and this re-released track is gaining radio airplay on BBC. He dropped out of BRIT school at the age of 14, and was excluded from the Nescot (studying Music Technology) due to unruly behaviour and possible plagiarism. He was included in BBC’s Sound of 2009 poll. Check out the double takes.

Dirty Projectors
“Stillness Is The Move”

Most viewers of this video experience a mixture feeling of bizarre bliss, indie satisfaction and curious insanity. The video, shot by Matthew Lessner, was filmed on location on Mount Equinox, Vermont and features siberian huskies and rare llamas. Dirty Projectors are an experimental indie pop collective led by Dave Longstreth accompanied by a shifting cast of band members, and had collaborated with music heavyweights like Bjork and David Byrne.

“Best I Ever Had”

Kanye West directed this video for the debut single for this R&B/Hip-Hop artiste born in 1986. It is no wonder; this video will bring several flashbacks in reference to Kanye’s own great hit video, “The New Workout Plan”. Featuring the typically bizarre appearances of black women with big breasts (plastic surgery, anyone?), Drake played coach to a team of female basketballers. Now watch them bounce.

Le Kid
“Mercy Mercy”

In no reference to Duffy’s hit single, even though both singles deal with the delicious taste of 80’s rewind pop music. Even the video, in its colour blendings and styles, has the 80’s style influence all over it. Throw in some pop dance moves, singalong chorus and bridge, this becomes (depending on own’s opinion) a catchy summer anthem. Think Alphabeat.

Mr Hudson featuring Kanye West

Assisting on Kanye’s West latest single, “Paranoid”, which its video contained probably the highest profile female artiste at the moment, Rihanna, it’s Kanye’s turn to pay back. It’s a dish of pop/dance mixture song that will require more rapid airplay to manage to hook a listener’s ear. And isn’t Kanye everywhere these days?

The Blackout
“Save Our Selves (The Warning)”

A group of punk/emo rock bands have emerged on the surface of mainstream airwaves. For some and the band itself, namedropping oneself throughout the entire song may be a great intelligent idea, but for others, it is just plain annoying and publicity stunt-ish. And sadly, I belong to the clan of “others”.

Calvin Harris
“Ready For The Weekend”

After the “alright, then um, then cheesy!” video for the #1 UK smash hit, “I’m Not Alone”, Calvin Harris returns with his second album’s second video, using the same formulae used on almost other UK dance hits, for instance, here, there, where, ???, !!!, ((())), and many more – get a bunch of skimpy dressed women to dance off throughout the video. I guess it sells and it may work, and this video below is less sexual than those links provided.


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