“If I’d Known The Last Time Was Going To Be The Last Time I Would Have Let You Enjoy It”

On a Friday night, I was located outside a popular nightspot amongst youngsters, Homeclub, known for bringing great musical artistes from around the world to either DJ or perform gig sessions, noticeably – members of renowned bands like Bloc Party, The Presets, CSS, and so much more – and to add to the list, the star of the night – Emmy The Great (website – under construction)(myspace)(facebook).

Outside and before the gig started, a minority group of mostly indie preppers and young adults gathered in mostly social groups, talking, socializing and eyeing away – fitted stylish clothes, the air of the carelessly rich and music savvy. A small booth by Love Da Music promptly sold tees and CDs, mainly of Emmy herself, to the delights of Golden Silvers to Phoenix to Peaches to Nouvelle Vague at SGD15 per piece. A fair deal, if one is to ask me.

The night carried on and the evening neon lights were reflected off the river’s waters; strangers everywhere walked on by; the public roads at the side looked neverending and busy as always, as the crowd was tested on the patience game.

As according to her Wikipedia page, Emmy had toured with the likes of Martha Wainwright, Jamie T, Tilly And The Wall amongst others and had collaborated with Lightspeed Champion and the BPA, which is Fatboy Slim. She was born in Hong Kong and emigrated to London afterwards. She wrote articles for music magazines, but does not have plans to be a music journalist, giving the reason of “if you go too far to the other side you’ll never be a Jedi”.

Opening act was Jon Chan of local indie group Plain Sunset (website – not really)(myspace)(facebook), and he began way too quickly, not that it was any of his fault – the crowd had not even gathered in the club due to a delay in admission on the part of the management (boo!). He announced a solo project named Pencil Tracings (website)(myspace)(facebook – gotta be one of the most responsive person ever!), and performed several acoustic songs for the generally uninterested gathering crowd. He covered Abba’s “Dancing Queen”, and promptly seeked the crowd to participate but was matched with lackadaisical participation. And that was the most active track of his set. Ouch. And throughout his on-stage performance, the sound of chattering continued to soar; Singaporeans should learn to appreciate an artiste’s efforts, even if it is by a simple gesture of clapping.

Plain Sunset

Emmy, too, came onstage pretty fast, without the signs of delay expected of a major superstar, so kudos to that, and hope you stay grounded like that. She kicked start with “We Almost Had A Baby”, and I thanked Heavens that I managed to listen to a few more of her tracks/videos on Youtube the previous night, without looking like a complete idiot who only knew a few tracks, namely “First Love”, her most famous track to-date. Here, the crowd showed more enthusaiasm, applauding after performances. In-between songs, she tried to interact with the crowd a little, maybe even to bring herself to accustom more to the gig than for the crowd to warm themselves up to her. Jokes were cracked, but responses were overall minimal. It could be due to the fact that she talked more of in a mumble kinda stumble, as at points I was trying to figure out what she was actually saying into the microphone.

Other tracks inclusive of faster acoustic guitar rips and quirky song lyrics were being played: “First Love”, “The Easter Parade”, “City Song”, and even a track with the genius line of
“… I feel worse
than when S Club 7 broke up”

(Canopies And Grapes)
I like. I, too, mean I was an ex-fan, okay? Somehow, while looking through a catalog of available lyrics on the Web, I wished she had sang “Gloria” and “My Party Is Better Than Yours”, which of the first contains some pretty interesting lyrics that could be accounted for in day-to-day lives and her own personal experience of meeting loose women in the nightscene. What I think it is a song about.

Overall, though it wasn’t like the Mystery Jets back in January, for an act that I don’t know much of as yet, it was definitely – one guess it, first love.

Emmy The Great

(Video previously entered Vidiscovery at #19 here.)


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