New Vids On The Bloc: #3

Loomies And The Lust
“Bright Red Chords”

One may mistake the following music video to be a commercial advertisement by one of the telecommunications company right here in Singapore, because of the – 1) positive message that ties with the video, 2) the dominant colour of red used in the video. In fact, if by the bonker ways of bizarre coincidence, that one of you readers out there belong to the company, or especially the marketing/advertising department, I recommend to endorse this video to be the next advertising campaign for the company.

A group of red outfitted indie looking guys set out to deliver big red boxes around different neighbourhoods to troubled people with the solutions to their problems. How I hope that is the case with real life, too. See what happens when – 1) the red boxes run out, 2) the vehicle they’re in breaks down. Teaches one to do good.


The video begins with a group of people, including members Sean Matthew Foreman and Nathaniel Warren Seth Motte, being stuck on the ground in various awkward positions; some enjoyed it; some gasped in despair and appeared to try to make an escape out of the mess; some even began groping. With hands and feet everywhere, the video ends off as a rewind and explains the real reasoning behind the stumble, if one is to care for it anyway.

Twilight Sad
“I Became A Prostitute”

Not knowing a single thing about Twilight Sad and with the supply of a picture of what appears to be the female lead in the video, which I thought initially was the lead singer of the group and also the star of the video being a prostitute, I was wrong. The group comprises of 4 all-male members, and they did no appearances in the video one bit. Instead, in their places, shows what seemed to be like a vintage clip of a prostitute in a day’s work. Note that I did not mention the night activities, cause that will be too detailed. For horny men, the most one’ll get to see is her in an almost see-through outfit, and the thoughts of whether was that her nipples that one was looking at throughout moments in the video.

“Already Over”

This is a clever video, on the part of the director. The group, Violens, once again with reference to the previously mentioned video, make no appearance whatsoever in the video. Instead, in its place, clips of an ol’ George Michael’s video are featured throughout the entire video. What makes it special is how the director managed to make it seem as though George is mouthing the exact words in relations with the audio. Even the actions, expressions seem so surreal.

Re-shot and editing done by Caroline Polachek.

“Those Girls”

It’s hard to properly search through the web for the relevant video or information on the band, given their name and the title of this video, which will generate pornographic results. And the video does no help to clean up the image either – in a boxing ring, there are bodily gold-coated women, with their upper halves of their bodies naked, and very – yes, kinky, yes – icons covering up the necessary bits. Other than that, this is pretty much as saying that it is a no-brainer video.


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