Where is the love?

A popular group once sang,
before deteriorating into mainstream.

Love is all around.

A classic track played
in my mind.
Yet it wasn’t the original
but the covered.

A mother watched in desperation
as the son put blame on everything;
A constant reminder of reality
“you might have been, by now…”

A son, driven by dreams
watching the children grow;
In the dark corner of a room,
“If I was another person…”


It is the title of a song
yet most won’t have known.


That would have
been known.

A soul, angered by past loves
of people who passed on by;
The short term highs
“I wish I never had…”

A social party, where people are
dressed for the kill;
It’s ordinary to be picked
“I just wanna before I…”

A group, who suggested care
unlike anything in the world;
There’s something wrong
“Ewww. Look at that…”

A stranger, sent
words in a package;
A listening ear,
“Here are some…”

A confider, on the lookout
sighed sighs of desperation;
A pillar, he didn’t know
“Should I just go for…”

A time, on a roadtrip
to be part of a cheer;
Promises on the return,
“I’ll get back to…”

Cool, I like
speaking and punching fists;
An old friend came back
“He is, he likes…”

A tattoo, signs
the reflections dancing on shades;
Thoughts were not true,
“What is it you…”

A promise,
an accomplishment;
The layout, a first-timer,
“Is it possible to…”

A sibling,
awake in the early times;
“Can you help me…”

A mystery, wireless connection
admittedly, a beauty;
We talked through characters,
“I have got to do…”

A secret, an awkward
at the click of the mouse;
A word is all there is

Don’t ask again.

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