Music Reviews: #49

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Don’t Trust Me
This is awkward, isn’t it?

Most people will not have the knowledge of who the hell this group is. Who are they, this group the media is trying to squeeze down our throats?

The song is bizarre, the video even more so, with the males in disturbing semi-nude appearances. Somehow or other, they remind me of The Lonely Island, and not in a good way.

The only conclusion I derive from this is that only lame people will truly enjoy this track. And there are a lot of them out and about.

1.5-stars rating


Well, who can believe it but Eminem can turn out with a song with that title, a similar title with Christina Aguilera’s previous hit?

Both singles touch the same humanity spot – being, knowing inner beauty, beauty within oneself without the influence, badmouthing of others in the world, with the lather dedicated to his daughter Hailie, adopted niece Alaina, and step-daughter Whitney with the ending line of,

“To my babies, stay strong. Daddy will be home soon.”

Nothing wins the hearts like fatherly [or motherly, for that matter too] love.

3.5-stars rating

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