Mariah Carey: “Obsessed”

The video debuted on Wednesday, July 15, US time.

Prior to the debut, snapshot snippets of Mariah Carey dressed in an outfit similiar to that of rapper Eminem, with a manly fake beard, had been going on the rounds.

Clearly the cloud of ? has been going on for a while now regarding whether did Mariah really date Em back when she was facing a period of music career crisis; both artistes clearly stand strong on their individual pointers, and not even a backup Nick Cannon can really clear the cloud of confusion. And if one is to ask me, I will choose- Eminem, for sure.

I will admit that, prior to the release, I thought the image of Mariah dressed up as a man was hilarious. I thought the video will be punches. And indeed it may be so; but somehow I couldn’t help but wonder whether that entire song and video is a total attention seeker, a way to push up Hollywood status and, the more obvious, sales records for the artiste. Not forgetting to get more plays at any media stations.

Still, the song and video are pop-culture worthy, but personal opinion-wise, I wish for something more classy, something that can be linked with the old hits that she used to generate out – such as “Vision Of Love”, “I’ll Be There”, “Hero”, “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, even the more recent “We Belong Together”. But despite that, it has been almost two decades of her music career, and that definitely is something she has gotta be proud of.

On a final roundup, I don’t think the impersonator Em’s ending in the video is very nice; and I am surprised how many response/parody videos that have been uploaded on Youtube website (featuring black men; a drag queen) within its short days of release.


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