Music Reviews: #50

Cover, Song, Artiste & Album

Review & Rating

Kanye West featuring Young Jeezy
808s & Heartbreak
On a Sunday morning, I was in my dad’s lorry when this came on.

He asked whether is this some sorta chant-like kinda song.

In embarrassment, I switched to another stereo channel.

Music:1.5-stars rating

Video: 2-stars rating

Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)
Pixie Lott
Turn It Up

This is #1 on a music channel’s countdown? Seriously, nothing beats blind following of trends. As much as I don’t want the UK invasion to end, idiotic media following is another devastating situation.

And she is so filed under “Case Study: Holly Valance – The Rise & Fall Of A Pop Star”.

Music & Video:2.5-stars rating

Sweet Dreams
I Am… Sasha Fierce

Pro: She is venturing into electropop, which is a good thing.

Con: As much as she tries, this isn’t as catchy as any released track off the previous album.

Pro: At least she is trying, re-inventing.

Con: Why is she wearing a similiar outfit with Gaga?

Music: 3-stars rating

Video: 2.5-stars rating

(album cover)

Before The Worst
The Script
The Script

When first single “We Cry” hit the airwaves, I thought that music is promised with some kinda pop/street hip-hop friendly outfit.

I was sooooo wrong.

They’re just a pop band full of ballads that Perez approves of! What can be worse than that?

Music:2.5-stars rating

Video: 1.5-stars rating

Evacuate The Dancefloor
Cascada featuring Calprit
Evacuate The Dancefloor

Otherwise known as the trash that prevented Michael Jackson from having a posthumous UK #1. Also can be called MJ’s fans newfound enemy who tried to suck it up with the lead wearing a MJ band on the day it happened.

But it is strangely groovy. This can’t be happening! I can’t be like this!


Music: 2.5-stars rating

Video: 2-stars rating

Daniel Merriweather
Love & War

This is straight-up biaseness, so beware.

Admittedly, I had questions on the first listen on this single release. But the more plays, the more I fell in love with it. Merriweather seemed to be pouring all his heartfelt emotions into this heartbreaking track.

And doesn’t he look like a modern-day Elvis? I told you I was biased!

Music: 5-stars rating

Video: 2.5-stars rating

Flo Rida featuring Nelly Furtado

Someone please save Furtado from trashville soon enough. In the video, she is animated like a Sims character in a cheapskate manner.

Why do I get a vibe that Flo is releasing singles to get women in his pants?

Music: 2.5-stars rating

Video: 1.5-stars rating


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