Never Leave Me Alone In A Room With A Computer

Yet so I was back there once again, for a second time in a row. I don’t know whether is it just me or the people – I wonder am I setting myself on low grounds once again, having returned after a previous failed trip; and that at that particular moment, I was playing along with the fantasy idea of having the dream job in hand and toying around with the rest of the other ideas. Or the fact that the people here are revealing corporate inefficiency, having not checked through the supposedly mentioned database that they had.

So back in somewhat familiar grounds, back in somewhat familiar environment. I was sitting, wishing, hoping that I could somehow escape the standard procedures, like with a little experience comes a little privilege, but a quick ushering proved otherwise – I was brought into the same room, and there I was, facing the same set of questions once again.

I thought I finished them faster than I did, and this time round, I had more of the initiative to seek for the attention of the staff, which, this time round, were interns from a university. And that may be the reason for the poorly coordination of timeslots, as I spent the next hour or so seated in front of the computer I used, looking around and staring into blind space, with several short thrill reads from a Dilbert comic in my bag.

And feeling totally bored [and unchecked, left alone by the staff], I decided to do what one does with a computer – use it, d’oh.¬† I comtemplated whether to play a game of Hearts or Solitaire or Minesweeper, those Microsoft games, that is, if they were enabled in the first place by the corporate’s IT department.

Having decided that it would be too risky to have fun while waiting, I started to wonder about the other functions available to wonder. That is when I found the spreadsheet documents of the personality tests that I, and several others before, had performed. Curious, I looked through for my name and clicked on it, having thought it would show me the exact test that I just did. Instead, another format – the results of the personality test – was displayed right before my very eyes.

In panic, I looked around. A lady, with her back facing me, showed signs that she had completed her set and was fidgeting and looking about, like what I just did. Seeing no sign of threats from anywhere, I began to go through the document, with constant closings/openings of the document, in the case that anyone will happen to walk in at that exact moment, making the situation awkward, and myself in a guilty position. The results are as follow: (according to placing)

1. Anxiety
2. Complexity
3. Openness to experience
4. Reflection
5. Creativity
6. Efficiency
7. Empathy
8. Dominant
9. Activity
10. Sociability

Not entirely accurate, that is for sure, as as I explained the results to my friends moments later that day, they chuckled with amazement and disbelief at the criteria #10 part, and commented that criteria #6 will have to be one of them that employees will be looking for in a candidate.

Nonetheless, in these hard times, press on, people.


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