New Vids On The Bloc: #4

Kid Cudi featuring Kanye West and Common
“Make Her Say”

You may have read my facebook update (here), saying about how I can’t openly admit to liking Lady Gaga, but how great this rendition by, my own account, three of the most fashionable rappers in the Hip-hop game. And can I just say that Kid Cudi is probably the next good looking hip-hopper to come about after Pharrell Williams.

Yes, a man crush. And I must say reworking on a Lady Gaga track is a sure-fire way of getting the mainstream music world’s attention at the artiste. Can I also add that Lady Gaga is in a double roll win now, with lesser of her ‘straight-in-yer-face’, after the almost normal guest appearance in Wale’s “Chillin'” video.

Dolly Rockers
“Gold Digger”

On a frank note, I wasn’t feeling the track/video on the first listen/view. I hope they don’t unfollow me on Twitter, cause, well, they’re like the first up-and-coming act to follow me (c’mon, I’m like a nobody). But the second listen prior to this descriptive proves positive – it has a kinda groove to it. I think a few more listens and the possibility of getting shamelessly hooked can be the result. Just wish that they had a better video to it. And yes, give those The Saturdays girls a run for their money please.

The Yeah You’s
“Getting Up With You”

This can be really good if it really happens – this video of the London duo. Picture this: never really having to really get outta bed for the rest of the life and getting to places with a moveable bed. However, the downside of it all is that all the privacy will be spilled out: the cartoon monogram on the bedspread, ‘what is this stain over here?’. I feel very Room Raiders.

But other than that self-fascination that just may occur to viewers, this is really a nice, sunny, chirpy song. And the girls and the boys are pretty too.


I hope she sure is, cause it ain’t gonna be an easy review on her third international single.

Working massively with Sean Garrett on the previous and current singles, and even Britney Spears for writing credits on another track, I think, for an Asian artiste, BoA did okay on a debut international ground. I just didn’t like how she had to use auto-tune on this track, like several other pop acts, instead of just relying on her own vocals. And, really, I don’t understand much about what she sings, except, “report to the dancefloor” and “put me on”.

Mini Viva
“Left My Heart In Tokyo”

Japan lovers, or just attention seekers by name dropping Tokyo?

Video doesn’t have much, just the twosome ladies standing in front of scenes edited into the video. Same commentary with the Dolly Rockers, just that I didn’t really like the bridge. Other than that, on second listen, hello mama.

Jason Mraz featuring Ximena Sarinana

Heard of the Colbie Caillat collaboration, now for a little bit of the Spanish version. Yes, it is a good track, radio-friendly enough, and sometimes yet, not quite, but still, a hit for all three artistes to bank in, especially Jason Mraz. Didn’t quite like the fact that there were two parts in English that seemed out of place, but still – one can’t deny a hit when is one. And can I just say the editing of Ximena into the video is very typical – kinda makes me wanna complain but then again, one know that’s the best way to edit it into, with the original version?

Arctic Monkeys
“Crying Lightning”

The first single off their third studio release, Humbug, it garnered airplay and digital sales within the same midweek of July 2009, debuting at #12 on the UK Singles chart on the 12th. The video sees the members playing along in a seasick motioned boat, bobbling in lost waters.


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