Music Singles Reviews: #51

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It’s Alright, It’s OK
Ashley Tisdale
Guilty Pleasure

It’s my (guilty) pleasure to say that Ashley isn’t a capable singer. But she is trying hard, I can tell, with this effort, and as much credits I wanna give her for that, I just can’t be the compassionate teacher who secretly gave the favourite student an ‘A’ grade. 

2-stars rating

 Here We Go Again
Demi Lovato
Here We Go Again
Speaking of guilty pleasure, I think I secretly like her – I am serious. She has been turning out favourable singles since the start. Just skip the fact/Perez Hilton rumour that she almost/had dated Miley’s Metro Station brother. And that she was from Camp Rock or something. Geez.2.5-stars rating
Jessie James
Jessie James
Other than the country video setting in this video, I don’t see why she can be related to the genre. At moments through the song, Christina Aguilera comes into mind, but she never took it to her favourable (vocal) heights.And please, if she is not selling sex here with the outfits, buffed-up roadworkers and all, I think I can chop off my dick. Really.

2-stars rating

Brooke Hogan featuring Stack$
The Redemption
Now this is a more direct approach, so thank you for the frankness. Except for the distracting beautiful bodies displayed by both artistes in the video, which is wonderful and all, it should be noted to all aspiring artistes that if you have assets that can be compared with the counterparts of Pamela Anderson, and your target audience is obviously the opposite sex (read: horny straight males), it is gonna be extra hard to cover those mountains (no puns intended) for some credibilities.It is not that it is a totally bad pop song; just that, with more varieties over the Internet, this will become easily forgettable. Of course, unless one is a (read: horny straight male).

2-stars rating

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