Music Reviews: #52 – ND Edition

Video, Song, Artiste, Review & Rating

It’s probably on everyone’s minds, lips and hearts when this time of the year comes around. And honestly, in my opinion (and I hope, most of the others – but who cares a fuck about the others really?) none of the recent or followup official theme anthems thereafter could ever match up with the heartfelt, sing-along, warming, familiar tingling feelings that come complete with this 1998 release.

And WTF? It has been 11 years since that song? A quick calculation in the mind proves likewise – it was about when I was in Primary 6 that it hit my eardrums and the (then) frequency of the radio.

I can always visualize a family dinner setting at the dining room, happy, with a bowl for glorious fragrant white rice for everyone… wait, that’s a Stefanie Sun moment. Ooh well, sama sama. Home’s feeling.

This year’s NDP is a little special – for one, part of my almost one-and-a-half-year stay-in camp/battalion/ some army regimental terminology that I was unable to grasp during the 2-years while dodging in secrecy, is part of the marching contigent; and for the second, how I am glad to have avoid it all – the burning of the weekends, tedious training of parades, the screwing up of marches, and etc that I can be so capable of. I sigh a big heave of relief.

And isn’t one of the guys in video, appearing as ‘walking passerby #102’, in white V-neck (whom you can see in the Youtube clip freeze before play), one of the new sergeants that came in when I was about to ORD, and whom loved to snack in the [censored out, in case] that I was privileged to be a part of, in army context?

Though not the best around, still, it is tough shoes to fit, and Electrico does a favourable task, and it is a silent grower – though it would not get to the point of infatuation. But I think the running a little lame lah – given the lousy English music market, I think, yeah, better run.


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