New Vids On The Bloc: #6(+/-1)

The Drums
“Let’s Go Surfing”

A plus-sized YouTube version of this clip is spread across as the frontpage for this band’s official website. The video sees the bandmates seemingly preparing themselves (for a little surf of their own) in the dead of the night, or the start of a new day at midnight, running ahead with the camera, singing and doing some warm-up exercises. No actual surfing is done in the video though, despite the song title. I love how they begun the song with the lyrics of –

“Wake up
It’s a beautiful morning”

while they are running clearly in the dark. Brilliance. And am I not alone in feeling very “Young Folks” by Peter, Bjorn & John featuring Victoria Bergsman (Taken By Trees) with the whistling?

Natalie Imbruglia
“Wild About It”

As corny/typical/stupid as it may sound, I am gonna say it… At first listen, I am not so wild about this song. It is pretty obvious how people are gonna associate her with the “Torn” song, which she must have been having a hard time to shake it off people’s minds. It is not that it is a bad song – in fact, it is favourable, it is just – here I go again – I am not wild about it. Especially the chorus, which I think is – AGAIN – not something very wildworthy.

On the contrary, the video shows a good house party to be at. Just wish for more variety of people instead of the typical good looking, afterall, it spreads a better, more united and appreciative, message.

“Gone Too Far”

God knows I love Dragonette amongst a lot other artistes. This love affair either started with the intriguing suggestive girl-on-girl video “I Get Around” (which makes Lady GaGa seem like expired turkey) or the cover for ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” or the track “True Believer”. It will remain a life’s mystery yet to be solved.

After the lead singer’s attention savvy way in “Fixin’ To Thrill” with a group of young adults and the fashion savvy dancing/chasing guest appearance ways with Martin Solveig in “Boys & Girls”, Dragonette releases another new video, but with no signs of the group anywhere throughout the 3:45 minutes. Instead, taking its place, Director Lo mixes scenes – that inclusive of John Travolta – from a 1980s flick named “Urban Cowboy”.

I miss Martina Sorbara already.

“Love Comes”

Wow, this group really goes to places; I have “I Heard A Rumour” flashbacks. And they have never been away from the scene, releasing albums in a pretty constant manner throughout their musical career, and the more to come.

And for that, for the long-lasting career in a tough industry, shouldn’t they deserve a little blogtime here?



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