New Vids On The Bloc: #7(+/-1)

(moving on for the week…)

Tommy Sparks

Not she, but he’s got me dancing.

That is the infectious indie pop track that Tommy Sparks debuted into the world of music. Now, the follow-up, got me thinking whether I am feeling a little MGMT/Erasure/Culture Club vibe. The 80s sounds, make-up, outfits and all got me wondering if it is the new age Boy George that I am watching as the video plays on. Speaking of which, it shows a group of indie/emo styling young adults running in a forest, and dancing and behaving like there’s no tomorrow. Carefreeness.

Beverley Knight
“Beautiful Night”

Remember her?

My best impression of her music will be her only track in my iTunes library playlist, the soulful yet poppy yet adult contemporary – that is it, adult contemporary – “Shoulda Woulda Coulda”. Not forgetting that I once had several of her previous album’s singles on my playlist before the previous (NgeeAnn purchased) laptop crashed. Now, she had left Parlophone records after 11 years and is to release the upcoming new album under her label, Hurricane Records.

After a career with almost understating success, let’s hope she stay rooted to her originality and keep producing better music, like in recent times. And I props her for the fact that she did half of the required dancing in this video.

Kele Le Roc

The 80’s keeps hitting back at ya.

Kele Le Roc, best known for providing vocals for several of Basement Jaxx’s previous singles, tries her luck with a solo career. “Retro”, upon second listen, feels better than the first. Just ignore the rather cheesy video and the opening part where she was dancing that got me thinking whether she is a pros.

That said, with so much ideas/scenes in this video, wouldn’t she be running out of some sorta ideas for the next video? What can she be doing if she has almost done everything?

Erik Hassle
“Don’t Bring Flowers After I’m Dead”

I like his video. I like his beehive combed hairstyle, in a way, like a male version of Winehouse, less the drama. I also like the music for this. And let’s not ignore the fact that for an emo person, dead-related words give me a little self awareness of the living. And I like a little cruelty against somebody evil or heartbreaking sometimes.


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