Fuck You’s: #1 – I, Myself & Me

Inspired by Lily Allen’s track and video, and maybe the young hooligans and older/elder gangsters in the neighbourhood that loves to vandalize, too, this is a segment to allow me to vent my inner anger/criticism about general perceptions, mainstream ideas, the rules & regulations and anything, everything under the sky.

Also inspired by a recent conversation between four ladies and myself, on a Friday night at an open-concept bartop after hours. Topic has shifted from tiresome working lives to the several living examples of disgusting Singaporean commuters on the subway. May bring the ‘Fuck You’ matter on them one day too soon to come.

Nothing is gonna be spared.


First up, the first thing I am gonna fuck, on a kind gesture note, is myself.

It is more than obvious that I am getting this ‘grandaudiomaster’ thing sometimes a little too far at times, with music updates here, there, and everywhere. I flood news feed (if it is even proper news in there) with clips of music videos people should watch; those that somehow personally strike a chord with me for the week. I do the freaky of compiling a chart for music videos – like who even cares? I do music reviews that are pure bitchiness, like as though I am some lord of music or something. But in actual living fact, I am not – I am just fuck; I am just a normal music fanatic turned freaky business.

Despite this, I continue on, hand-in-hand with passion and dreams, and persuaded by reality.

I remember a time of cassettes, pretence radio disc-jockeying with no experience attached, with fake scripts and what-nots, the glitz and the glamour in my head. Between then and now, a slash of finance, reality and hopes and fears have swept by, making me where I am today.

So, CJ, fuck you and your music madness and thinking you’re all that good in music. Fuck you, persona grandaudiomaster.


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