Fuck You’s: #2 – Rush Hour/City Life

Call me sadist, call me emo, call me a fucker, or a terrorist. Call me whatever, I don’t care.

I don’t know if anyone else has the visions that I do. Usually in mornings, when I am going to places that I don’t really wanna go to (v.i.e. [very important example] school, work), in a forceful mental kinda way; and even on days when I am not so emo and still be on the subway journey, I always ask myself or thought of these questions: will the train ever break down and we be set free and run to wherever the heart leads to and where the world may be calling us, with the sense of freedom; will the train tracks and pillars be strong enough after years of operations, or the corporate world of the subway line is hiding deep dark secrets from unsuspecting commuters like me and everyone out there (but ahoy! I have been wary about), and that one day, it will all collapse and we will all be swallowed down in a big massive hole; will the train derail and head straight faceforward downhill, with people bumping and hitting into one another, bruises, blood spills and dead bodies by the easy dozens?

But really, as humans, what has the society made of us? What has the corporate world, daily living standards, daily expectations done to us? What are we to be standing, squeezing amongst crowds with one another during the early mornings and the later evenings? Why is one begging for space at the entrance of a subway that should be provided to each and every one of us? Whatever happen to our qualities, personalities and attributes that may shine through others – have they been all well hidden or washed down the drains? Why are we pushing, standing in the way of control?

Guilty conscience bit. I was on my way home, and witnessed something otherwise ordinary. Doubts filled my mind – should I, shouldn’t I? If that was, would I have been that approaching? I kept looking back, as though I have done something wrong, in which, I definitely have by not doing any action. What have stopped me from it?

Rush hour/City life, fuck you, and you.

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