New Vids On The Bloc: #8

Michael Buble
“Haven’t Met You Yet”

I hope the economic downtown hasn’t have a much of an impact on board the Michael Buble’s management team, cause I think there will not be any other reasonable excuse for this latest video. As much as I am a fan of simplicity and sometimes Buble, this video shows absolutely nothing but Buble in a studio, in front of a camera, singing, and as horribly bad as I sound, trying to act cute.

I know, this hurts for me as much, but Mr. Buble, you don’t have to result to this sell yourself, especially to the female clan. What happened? I thought your concert tickets are selling pretty decently, with what I presumed rich/act rich Singaporean taitais will be going to, trying to appreciate music as though they’re really into it (golddigging aside).

Esmee Denters
“Admit It”

Okay, I will admit it. I have absolutely no idea who this is, except that she was a YouTube sensation stumbled upon by Justin Timberlake, whom the latter signed to his record label (it seems like these days, any Tom, Dick or Harry, can really just own anything). And it doesn’t help that I have a love-hate relationship with the mentor, now here comes a junior to annoy me further!?!

A pretty much lame pop video, where a guy keeps running after the whereabouts of a girl throughout the duration of a video, and finally gets to her in the end. Sum up, pretty dumb, right? A favourable note though: the guy casted in the video in question – no idea who, but he is the same person in the Papa Roach’s video “Helpline”, and the Nokia N97 advert, as the main guy holding up the phone throughout the ad. Now one knows another piece of useless information, brought to you by moi!

Sean Kingston
“Face Drop”

I’m not a fan of the general movement of R&B and Hip-Hop artistes to more dancefloor anthems, and one of the reasons is because almost everybody in the scene started to do it as well. Sean Kingston is not spare, but to succeed in mainstream and to generate profits, I guess this is the best route he has and can take, before everyone stereotype him to one style of music and label him a one-hit wonder, which, is definitely a struggle to erase/overcome.

Nonetheless, there is a feel good video – a guy’s revenge on a bitch who has cheated/dumped/took for granted on the male party. And speaking of party, what a gorgeous crowd the party has! (Sorry for the distraction)


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