CJ’s Dictionary Of Terminologies: “Chicken Breast”

Dissing the mainstream and coming out with a bullcockfight.

“Chicken breast”

Unless one is a vegetarian, which to all, on a sidetrack note, I will totally respect and give hearts out to for forgoing the eating of the end products of evil killings of animals, and for which I still have a struggle in trying to make myself be more of me. So kudos, vegetarians, for the discipline and goodwill and the possible ticket to heavens.

Now where was I? Ooh yes, chicken eaters will do know that the chicken feet does have some tender portions of meat that are good for the chewing mouths (sorry vegetarians, for going into details). But using that as a commonly used Singaporean term for “a task easy to be handle”, isn’t that too much of a common trait? What does it (the chicken feet) do to deserve such an easygoing phrasing title?

That is why I use “chicken breast”. For some men, isn’t the breast their life’s main motto, issue or ghetto? Sure, the meat at the region can be tougher and not that appetitizing afterall, and to finish that portion can prove to be harder than the rest, but hey – horny men alike, it’s the best and quickest way to them, no resistance, no corny pick-up lines, just dig.

Women, don’t hate me now. Please.


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