Music Reviews: #55

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No Longer At Ease
If one is a fellow reader of this space (sidenote: hello there, thanks for caring to read), one knows that once in a while, I will drop a nice bomb or two of hits that is secretly rocking my world.

Nneka is a newcomer into the British music scene (for me as well), sneaking into the Top 20 Singles this past week, after getting from BBC’s 1-Upfront to A list.

Instantly, I fell in love with this track. Was it because it was like nothing I have heard before? Was it because there seems to be something humane, yet celebrity-like of her performing in a slum street? Or maybe it was that it really seemed like she is pouring her heart(beat) and soul into the track, and making it sound so raw, so emotive.

This is what I call passion for music.

5-stars rating

We Are Golden
The Boy Who Knew Too Much

Mika always sings like he is bringing a whole opera show alongside with him for the effects. That’s the thing/trouble with him – some may like him; some may find him a little too pitchy; some may find him too mainstream.

“We Are Golden” does and doesn’t seem to be pleasing the mainstream at the same time. A powerful message of treating people like they are, regardless “who gives a damn about the family you come from?”, though preachy ones may find it a little empowering to some extent and genre.

Also, it sounds like he puts a lot of thoughts into the music – not wanting to be labelled too mainstream, yet not wanting to steer away from it all.

Sure, it is not as mainstreamer catchy as the previous singles, yet it still catches on.

Now, onto the bullying news together with inner shyness and dancing around in white boxers around the video, on the contrary…

3-stars rating

I Look To You
Whitney Houston
I Look To You

Ignoring the possible religion strings attached to this, as well as the stories prior to this release, “I Look To You” is a favourable release from the turned-over-new-leaf singer, now with a more deeper voice (a mean one will refer to this change to that except maturity).

Sure, it is no everlllllllllllllasting (sorry, I just had to do that) smash hit potential, and minus the sympathy votes, but it is still an uplifting, inspirational, reasonably good comeback single for the once diva.

Here I go saying: Welcome back, Whitney, from the music world.

3-stars rating

One Time
Justin Bieber

Report: Malfunction
Personnel Involved: A virtual character named Grandaudiomaster
Location: In front of laptop

Cause of Malfunction: Watching Usher as a mentor seems so right and wrong at the same time; seeing the brand new, hipper, updated version of Aaron Carter – weird mixture of feelings of wanting to hear that naive tune once again to refresh pastimes. And somehow, not fully disliking this acty song.

Recommendation: Help needed. Assistance to be sent right away.

2.5-stars rating

What is to become of reviewer?

Join me next time.


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