Music Reviews: #56

Cover, Song, Artiste & Album

Review & Rating

Brand New Eyes

Confession: I have this inner increasing interest with Paramore. And yes, I know no artistes out there are really like the other, but doesn’t the video reminds you of No Doubt, somehow?

Reality: I am emo.

3-stars rating

She Wolf
She Wolf

√ All in favour of reinventions, discovering and trying new sounds

√ Weird combust of musical feelings within

√ Yes, there’s a she/he wolf in me

√ Just loves the way she dance in the video

√ inspire by her outfit (and maybe annoyed by Lady Gaga’s), if I am in the media spotlight, I might wear a plate to cover my groin and a cooking wok’s lid/cover to cover my ass. Sexy, yes/no; attention seeking, HELL YES.

√ Please don’t get me into the media spotlight.

3-stars rating

Sexy Bitch
David Guetta featuring Akon
One Love

Confession: I think I may like Akon. And what a clubbanger this is. David Guetta sure has got a lot of celebrity friends to work with, and I know – it is all about networking.3.5-stars rating

Jay Sean featuring Lil’ Wayne
All Or Nothing

… And so the networking story continues with Jay Sean. Maybe he was out one of those weeknights, clubbing; and happened to meet some record company’s head (no puns intended), who decided to meet him a “global superstar”, like what they jackheads always promise, and managed to tie the strings with one of the hottest MCs currently.

But will he be able to sustain? Will he break my personal boundary of casting him as a Craig David wannabe?

The music journey continues…

2.5-stars rating


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