New Vids On The Bloc: #9 – With Explicit/Mature Content

Natalie Imbruglia

Call it desperation to get back into the music spotlight, call it media antics, in actual fact, Natalie Imbrugia is a very pretty lady. And in this video, seeing the bareback semi-naked lady is not too overly done (as one reads on), not too pornographic, and yet one can’t help but wonder is she really doing it all for the fame and attention? And let’s not forget her divorce with Silverchair’s Daniel Johns, and with the lyrics of the song, is it directing daggers at him as well? One can only ponder the truth. As for the music, sadly saying, there is no “Torn” mainstream potential in it; and that means, another track that may slip through the crack.

Crookers featuring Kardinal Offishall
“Put Your Hands On Me”

This week, in my weekly video viewing history ever, is recordbreaking, in my own account. It features the most sex-related videos, almost all to be released within the week, or so it seems. It kickstarted with this video – and the freeze frame, together with the song title, will probably reveal the lesbian theme in this video. The reminsce of a (presumed) deceased male other half leaves an old lady feeling the lonely tingles of the world, and seek the companionship of another female elderly; kissing, and hugging in bed, feeling one another out. Or maybe there were having a closeted love for one another but still went ahead to marry (“normally”) [for reasons unknown], and maybe it is best I leave the reasoning for the unknown and for the imagination.


So, this is the video that is probably, definitely the most sexual I’ve ever seen in my music video (short-lived to date) viewing history. It blurs the fine line between music videos, censorship, sex and pornography. Jonas Akerlund directs this controversy video which features members of the band, in typical stereotyped pornographic characters, literally, fucking – having sex with different women throughout the music video. Scenes of nudity, sex are on the high (no puns intended), and leads to a – yes, very pornographic – climax ending. One should know the drill – the outcome of sex.

As this is a very pornographic music video, no direct clip is available and will be shown on this webpage. However, a link to the uncensored video is provided as follow. Do take note that as this is very explicit content, ensure that no one who is sensitive to such issues should be around when one is to view this clip. Also, no persons under the legal age should be viewing this on any account. By clicking on the link below, one is to agree with the terms stated in this paragraph. And as such, I will not be responsible for the contents in the external link provided below.
There’s more music mayhem to come this week. Stay tuned.


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