New Vids On The Bloc: #10

Steve Aoki featuring [[[Zuper Blahq]]] (AKA Will.I.Am)
“I’m In The House”

A fan of the underground club music scene or a frequent reader of magazines like Juice will not be avoid the charms of Steve Aoki. Several magazines have quoted Steve as one of the best DJs around the scene, and it is high time the music industry take into consideration the hype and limelight. Together with Diplo, another renowned DJ, they were recently in Singapore (on September 21) at Zouk to spin out to the young, trendy and hippy generation.

[[[Zuper Blahq]]] (with the latter pronounced like ‘black’) is Black Eyed Peas’s Will.I.Am, going under a different persona stage name and not really showing much of his face throughout the video appearance except for those cheeky, playful eyes of his; but the distinctive voice of the popster can be recognizable. With that, it is surprisingly less annoying than most of his appearances elsewhere (except on ‘Heartbreaker’ with Cheryl Cole, which is oh-so-good), and continues his venture into more genres of dancefloor music.

Silversun Pickups

One can either call this video an indie bliss of a record or just plain nothing. Third single off “Swoon”, it features the band playing while a group of dashing female models, seemingly impromptu, walk around in circles in a game of musical chairs. I say impromptu, but it seems to me that it looks kinda scripted and well planned as to who is to be in or out. I guess it’s for the viewers to decide; but the bitchiness of the final two seems almost surreal, but then not quite. So it probably gives the answer away. But does one even remember the song that was being played or was  just too involved in the wonderful display of model girls swirling around in nice outfits?

“Celebration” (fan version)

(cameo from Paul Oakenfold)

So this week, I checked on a couple of lesbian suggestive videos. Check. Then there’s the pornographic one. Check. I think it’s high time for the gays, and it comes in the form of a second version video for the Queen of Pop, Madge. There’s really not much as compared with the original version, but for fans/limelight stealers that happen to appear in this video, it should be a whole lot to scream about (imagine appearing in oneself’s idol video – one will be in the same boat). It really shows how much different variety of people that there are out there (really weird people, too, but I am all for differences and originality and freakiness), and really – the number of gay attention Madonna receives and likes about.

And can I just mention what an anthem this is/will be on the dancefloors around, all over the world.

“Fancy Free”

1. The circus theme is great, but it may be a little too overused now.
2. Isn’t it a little too far late now to come up [with the circus theme]?
3. She reminds me of Bai Ling – and though I have a crush on her skankiness, it is NOT a compliment.
4. When credits are to be given, it should be. It is much better release than her previous few.
5. But when one doesn’t have much more good things to say, one should just not say anymore.


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