The Original Sugababes (1998-2009)

I know I am like 2 – 4 days (if I am going to save this as incomplete and draft to proceed to post it on Saturday) late, but on a personal side note, I try to minimize home leisure computer usage or Internet surfing when it comes to weekdays after-work, since pretty much the entire day has been at it in the office – I see no point being computer hypnotized. Anyway, back on track.

It had been these few days, and if one is to follow my tweets, one will know I was somewhat affected by the departure of Keisha Buchanan, the last original member, out of the Brit pop girl group Sugababes. Growing up in a pop dish of delicious/shameful acts ranging from Steps (5! 6! 7! 8!) to Spice Girls (“… too much of pepper can make you sneeze…) (primary school times) to 5ive (take a look around) to Blue (I rest my case) to S Club 7 (don’t stop! never give up) (high school period), it was a carefree time to pick many favourites and love them all at the same time. It is harsh but reality to see one by one them fall apart; it’s like the fragments of history falling apart for the future ahead. I have been one that always oppose to changes, unless necessary. Not all improvements are need be, necessary to be better, though they aim to please.

Sure, there are all reformations that surface – S Club 7 with 3 members, 5ive with 4 members, Blue with Duncan admitting bisexuality, Take That trying to force Robbie Williams to admit they’re cool – bits and pieces, fragments of memories tried to be pieced together but failing miserably. And so now the pop world of music has yet another one, with the original member of Sugababes. It seems like only just a few years back that they were formed, when “Overload” was released, and when the first original member, Siobhan Donaghy decided to leave the band. The success thereafter, the line-up changes – they were there but they didn’t know I was there, some of us were there, through the changes and the years.

Hit after hit, catfight rumours later, line-up changes too, I still do not care, as it is the music that matters after all, and as much as I won’t like to admit, Sugababes had been one of the pop influences that have been there throughout the growing stages of my life. So okay, maybe there are indeed catfights behind the scenes, but really – who knew but only the girls, the truth and the lies, but as long as the music is fine, I am okay with whatever scandal they or the management can come up with. I guess I should have seen this coming, since moreover it is not going to be forever for a pop act to remain; maybe I just can’t face up to reality of it, be it in real life or the music world.

So R.I.P, the original Sugababes (1998 – 2009). Hope to see you in music heavens.

Other news that set me abuzzing:
+Lily Allen to quit music?
+Marilyn Manson has H1N1, but quote on quote, “unfortunately… am going to survive”
+Luck Steele not seen Empire Of The Sun bandmate Nick Littlemore for 5 months
+New line-up, new video shoot for Sugababes
+PopJustice on Keisha leaving Sugababes

Will the new line-up survive? Will sales soar? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, there will be a countdown of my own list of Sugababes’ top 10 this weekend. Stick around.

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