One-Year Feat: The Shanghai Restoration Project

I am the same old ol’ fashioned rat sometimes, (except for decisions to meet people, because I am fickle minded) but when it comes to music, I am like a trash kid – I can like you for one minute and totally disown you for the next (probably not that dramatic, but the picture is painted). It probably speaks for most of this generation – correct me if I’m wrong.

So it comes as a total celebration, surprise, true believer for me when I realized upon myself that I have a particular track by The Shanghai Restoration Project – “Preface”, featuring Di Johnston – for over an entire year on my portable (not that current, cause tech-savvy is not my thing) iPod playlist. This is an incredible feat, considering how much I used to update my playlist almost every week, which slowed down after doing what men in this nation has to do for two years (unless you have a silver spoon and happen to have a surname beginning with ‘L’), to the current monthly or longer updates. I used to can’t live without an update, some freshness in variety.

Is it a hint at maturity? Is it a clue at settling down? Is it old times now?

Who cares. I hope it is no such indication, cause I wanna be like Alphaville’s “Forever Young” (Is it just me or did Jay-Z and Mr. Hudson did a horrorific cover version in The Blueprint 3? Please advise), though definitely not such possible, but still.

Anyway, in celebration, the only video by them that seems real on YouTube:

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