Night Out: Midnight Marvel @ Prince Of Wales

Small city, big dreams.

These are the words I will conclude for the night-out gig at Prince Of Wales, which took place on the night of 8th October. Located in the heart of Little India, and walking down the streets making myself feel good like a minority and indifferent, one would not have expected a backpackers’ stay to be there (or the latter of myself not being part of the nightscene – a clarification confirmed on a Saturday night morn). On a frank note, I even had trouble locating the way about prior to entrance and the gig performance. (Shhh, keep it a secret, among the others)

[Drinks and food aside, off-topic for a paragraph, I began talking with the foreign brother-sister combination (whom I originally perceived as a couple) sharing the table behind myself, which I used for the fish & chips ordered. Questions and answers, we talked about the recent disasters happening around the region (to which they were witnesses of), the music and of course, Singapore. Below is a sample (may defer from actual, but perceived to be what I remembered):

Man: “what is there not to like about Singapore? (insert own likes)”
Me: “ummm…”
Woman: “well, cost of living.”
Me: “yeah, that’s a good one.”
Woman: (encouraged) “pressure of standards.”
Man: “well, that would be under cost of living.”
Me: “true.”
Me: “well, there’s this term people used here for people who you know, love to cut queues and stuff like that, and it is called ‘kiasu’.

Now I know that I am being very bad and all, but I did realized that Singapore is not as bad as it seems, but just that it is not as good as it seems either. But that much said, having no positive things to say about Singapore to the foreigners at first thought, I realize that I better change my perspective viewpoint on matters. Have I really been looking on things from the negative, dark side? Fruit for thought for myself.]

On an otherwise ordinary night, this place will be filled with foreigners, especially Aussies here for a short trip or needing a rewind break from the hectic city life experienced here. However, on a night like this, it was filled with the indie crowd, mostly young and maybe trying a little too hard (inclusive of myself, but I am excusable). The supposedly entrance seemed to be sealed for the microphone and equipment setup, as the backdrop of Little India streets outside brought a realistic and localized background to the ‘stage’ set.

And then the music came. The lights were dimmed. It was kinda fun and exciting to see someone I somewhat know play in a band, and it makes me feel like a very massive minor groupie, though no hanky-panky sex involved please, thank you very much. It was pretty obvious this fact on the local scene from a first timer – that most of the audience are usually friends of friends. I know this too – whatever I am going to say, it will probably sound like I am gonna buttlick the review, so please do not take this as a review of a gig – but more of a hangout update from myself. After slightly less than half-an-hour of performance, inclusive of the last track ending off, “Spit It Out”, the ladies wrapped it for a night and prepared for the next two acts to make their appearances, leaving with beads of perspiration of passion that came from the dreams and reality of music. And yes, I faithfully bought a badge as well.

Take a look, have a listen at Midnight Marvel below:

Ironically, I still file this under the ‘Review’ title.


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