RIP Stephen Gately

Morning broke.

I woke up this morning, after last night’s solotripping to the airport, to being an unfilial son. Had wanted to assist my father in his family business in the morning, but slept past the alarm clock, though I knowingly knew that it was most likely to happen before I crashed at near 0300 hours last night/morning. Or maybe it was 0400.

Otherwise, it would have been a normal morning. A good one at that, since it is the weekend and all, and it being a Sunday (family day since god knows when) that would perfectly mean a day spent/wasted at home. No fast pace; no human traffic. Until I saw a twitter from a somewhat well-known music blogger, @ArjanWrites with the simple 3 words (unless one spells out the abbreviation) – “RIP Stephen Gately“.


Another passing this year.

Seriously, what is wrong with this year?

My sister just commented a while back (in a good, old, sensible kinda way) that it is a sign of me, us getting old. But what, is this good? If this is what is to expect from getting old in this world (with the exception of getting all the experience and knowledge and wisdom, if any, as years go by), then I rather give it all up and stay young and naive for the rest of time – something kinda like reverse psychology of the character Benjamin Button in the movie screen (which I did not watch – it really has been ions since I stepped inside a cinema/movie screening). This is life, but this is not the life I want it to be, though yes, I talk and dream of death through times.

Being one-fifth of Boyzone, the group that captivates young (mostly female) hearts throughout Europe and definitely Asia in the 1990s, with pop/ballad tunes to boast, they recently reunited in 2008, for European tours as well as an initial greatest hits release (everyone seems to be doing those these days), as well as the works on an upcoming release in spring 2010*.

(* – may be affected)

Personally, I grew up with the tunes, as my sisters were fans of theirs. One adores Ronan Keating, and has always liken him (as compared with the other bandmates), as though she was bringing him home for a meet-and-greet-the-parents session through the television set. I remembered – yes, I do (look for my comments) – “Love Me For A Reason”, “Father And Son”, “Words” (classic man), “Picture Of You” (Bean! Through living standards, I have forgotten you, trademark. Lucky my nieces love you), “Baby Can I Hold You (I used to cringe), “All That I Need” (groupie!), “I Love The Way You Love Me”, “When The Going Gets Tough”, “You Needed Me”, “Everyday I Love You”, the recent “Love You Anyway” (that is the way to do a comeback!) and “Better”, and my favourite of all – “No Matter What”. (Yes, can I gush now?)

It is truly sad this is happening. Stephen Gately was only 33. How young! I remember, as though, he was the first in all of the boybands (at that time) to come out public as gay, and how it seems like a whole string of other boybands’ members just seemingly following suit and coming out as well – from Westlife to *N SYNC to Blue. It was as though he started it all; he was happily married to internet business named Andrew Cowles, introduced through friends Elton John and his partner David Furnish.

I do hope Boyzone continues their legacy, if it is sustainable and possible to do so. Be it retire into old towns, just performances in pubs, or doing greatest hits tour till their end of time. And I also hope Stephen Gately rest well. Wherever you are, you may be, you will be.

For MTV blogger Lennat Mak’s blog entry and interview with Stephen back in 2000, click here.

And in tribute, and somewhat ironic, the Stephen-censored out video for the latest Boyzone’s “Better”, due to his gay relationship with Cowle; and “No Matter What”, to remember;

Also, the only album in the house. I gotta go ask my sister / go dig.


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