Singapore: Local Icons

I shall try to do this more (maybe) – talk about this little city life that I live in.

I was thinking Singapore icons recently. Either it was with the concurrent season of The Amazing Race (airing on Sundays in the US and on Mondays at AXN-Asia), or the fact that Phua Chu Kang is back for another season. Wait a minute – am I right about this? (I am right about this.) I thought it was all over, and here pops another. But it is fine – at least it is a worthy local production back in the works, and not some shows about travelling around Singapore in the search for food.
[Seriously, that is really subjective, and I don’t need to be like a dog with food shoved in-my-face. Not that being a dog is bad at all… Okay, drifting.]

And so, icons. I was thinking that it was appropriate of Mediacorp to feature PCK during the installment of TAR3, to give out clues to the racing contestants (yes, the Flo/Zach session) as really, he does represent Singapore in ways. Otherwise, he could be feature as a pitstop icon, “model”, and that would have been truly funny to see, with him side-by-side with Phil Keoghan, and one could only imagine the crazy antics he would be doing to crack Phil up (or down) and maybe, make him do his famous eyebrow raising.

I was thinking of others, and I couldn’t help but think that this is also a longtime icon of Singapore – Liang Po Po. Sure, he/she has long gone cold, but that lady has been one that entertains as well. Though I am not sure if she is able to speak that much of English. Or maybe the entire family setting of “Under One Roof”? That will be nice. Or Barbarella (played by the great Michelle Chong), as she has been making me slap my stomach hard and possibly making it bleed.

Of course, getting a man to doll up in a Merlion costume could do the trick, also…


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