Night Out: Raygun @ Movida

Okay, ‘fess up. Not everyone really knows who Raygun are.

However, for a start-up band, I think I know my tiny fix of bits and pieces of them. I first noticed the group during one of my rounds of music video viewing Sundays when one of my regular sources, the playlist of BBC Radio 1, featured them. The video shows the lads standing on top of moving vehicles in a heavily CGI manner, even seemingly in a bid to appear cool in their first ever video in the music universe.

Following that, I have gotta admit, that sometimes I am a weird (music/music information/in general) freak – I will look up Wikipedia to refer to random resources from there, even though not everything is 100% accurate, but their efforts of trying to meet the standards are there. So one day, I happened to think, “what the hell happened to Kubb?”, and I decided to find out. (Though it sounds really fabricated, it is the truth – I recently bought Kubb’s 2005 album “Mother” from HMV at a price of SGD1.00. It was the cheapest thing I bought from HMV.) That was when I realized one member from Kubb had left the band to join Raygun.

Last fact, they came to Malaysia back in August this year for the first ever MTV World Stage, alongside other highlights like The All-American Rejects, Hoobastank, Pixie Lott and others – inclusive of, in my opinion, the only act worthy of it all – Kasabian. So there, to each their own fix of knows and nots.

Thus, I was surprised to hear that they were coming back to this part of Asia again so soon after their last, and pleasantly delighted to be asked along by L and G. Great conversations were going all around the slightly disappointed crowd of mostly media personnel and fans who had won tickets (also can include those who went there for the free drinks). Indeed, free flow came about and the night was just getting started.

I guess somewhat that it was probably in conjunction with a radio station for the gig – one that I used to faithfully listen to until the accessibility of the Internet got big, WAY big, and which I never look back anymore – as the presenter/host of the show was from there, and well, let’s just leave it at that.

Raygun came on slightly after, to a better-than-expected room of clappings. Not wasting time, they began playing pop-rock music to the crowd that has now gathered to the “dancefloor”. The crowd, inclusive of I am, are mostly generally either caught up watching, or stiff and unresponsive, or really, just here for the free drinks and socializing. Ouch. And I think Raygun felt it too, or that it was their usual way of performing, but lead singer Ray Gun began jumping off the stage and performing in the midst of the somewhat surprised crowd, in a truly engaging and fascinating manner, but still, the crowd did like it but didn’t respond too madly to it. I tried my best to sway in the most comfortable manner towards the music – goddarnit, I was in working shoes – and even though I did not leave my standing boundary to get the groove, I found myself trying to sing along to the lyrics of songs I was listening to for the first time. There were even moments I was tempted to get a little bit of the celebrity flesh by heading forward to the singing lead and to grab him, or something. Personally, the last 3 songs of the set worked it out for the band, with a genius way to roundup the gig with “See You Later”; and obviously, the hit of the night has to be their hit single, “Just Because”, and I thought I almost heard people singing along to it – or maybe it was I.

Yes, it was musically fun; though I entered the session with little or no knowledge or liking towards Raygun, but musically magical, I left the night happy (semi-drunk) and with a much bigger appreciation towards music I thought would not be my cuppa tea.

Once again, thanks to (mainly) L and G, and the others seen at the event.


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