(1 New + 1 Slightly Older) Vidocumentaries On The Bloc: #11

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

My discovery for the YYYs came late – real late, blame it on the mainstreamers, blame it on my late expose to the other side of the media. Believe it or not, I only got the crave for “Maps”, “Turn Into”, “Gold Lion”, “Pin”, not inclusive of the recent ‘It’s Blitz!’ release, later than most ravers had. I blame myself; I blame media.

Though honestly, this video makes absolute no sense to me at all, and it was initially released in July 2009, but I appreciate the performance sides of Karen O and gang; the black-and-white concept here truly brings the creep in me to a drunken state of heaven, and I appreciate the dark theme of it all; also, the description of themselves in the video is to “lose their minds in order to recover purity of truth.” Now, how can one not like that?

White Lies
“To Lose My Life 4 Play”


Yes, I do shamelessly like White Lies’s emo blend of soft indie rock when they burst into the scene earlier on this year, obtaining a #1 slot on the UK Albums Chart, a feat not easily obtained, considering it is a debut as well. MTV Push, an obvious copy+paste from MTV UK (I am pleasantly glad that there has been this UK trend going on for a while now – I noticed; yes I do), also featured the band, giving them the slight spot of limelight to the heavily pop-centered video playlist.

With whisperings, unknown voices as though the narrators were speaking of deep-down dirty secrets or the desires kept late into the night, settings of  the dark night and the strange unknown, and snippets of videos and music from the earlier released videos/music from White Lies, it will be good news for true hardcore fans, or the straight-up act hippy/indie clan of music wannabes out there.

And for non-fans, straight-up, this video will do nothing to one; absolutely nothing at all; or maybe, increase the dislike for them.


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