(Somewhat) New Vids On The Bloc: #12

Ray Rich
“Know She Cold”


This video has been floating around for a while – maybe a couple of weeks or more – and that is the duration it got me down to writing about it. Little is known about Ray Rich, or in my own opinion; except this is pure Hip-Hop, and strangely and secretively, in my books, addictive. The video, with no signs of Ray Rich in it at all, which doesn’t help with my identity crisis for him, is 100% for straight-up male perverts only – black women (I am not trying to be a racist here, but it is only the truth) shaking their booty throughout the 4:02 minute video, with no time to spare.

Is that much booty legal? World, suddenly I am scared. Yet amused.

Dionne Bromfield
“Mama Said”

Missing Amy Winehouse?

Well, here comes her protege, young Dionne Bromfield. Signed under Amy’s label, the young uprising singer definitely has the promising footsteps of her proclaimed ‘godmother’ Winehouse, just that those are really big footsteps that she has to follow after. The video is very squeaky clean – clearly defining her age and wholesome good household image; the girls headed out for a shopping spree to look for clothes for a house party (assumption), and Dionne appearing in different outfits to find the right outfit for the day.

Just makes one wonder how long more this good wholesome clean image will last, if she really follows in the footsteps of…

Ali Love
“Diminishing Returns”


Let’s be honest: I don’t know whether to like or dislike this video.

Clearly, the management team behind Ali sav Love is probably doing their bits to cut on costs, not forgetting the crisis still being faced by the economy now. But seeing a music video with mystic colour fluid dissolving on-screen (like a lava lamp) and Ali Love’s face throughout the entire video isn’t that much of an impact; yet somehow, I think I still kinda like, or am okay, with the video? Sorry, it may be because it is late and all, and my mind is refusing to function.

Ali Love has been trying his bit with a solo career for a while now; his famous contribution, to-date, is to be the vocalist for The Chemical Brothers’ insanely addictive party track, “Do It Again”.


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