If You’re Feeling Sinister

Though – right over here, in Singapore, in a country that unless one is heavily into the nightscene and dressed to kill, it is not a common practice to celebrate Halloween over here – it is about less than an hour to wrap up the ghostly celebration day, I can’t help but get into the ghostly mood, music style.

The first thing that came to mind was/is Fever Ray. The concept of “If I Had A Heart” is slow and creepy and seems to be tearing the inner peace of myself out in pieces; speaking of which, the next video has a cannibal-like concept (yes, the video I was trying to locate for two whole weeks on cold hard papers which I wrote new music videos on), where a disconnected man began assembling pieces together to form different types of bodies, with lots of free-to-air blood of gore to digest.

Of course, if the two videos don’t serve up the spoof, one can also go find oneself some other videos – others from Fever Ray perhaps, the deceased Michael Jackson’s classic, or whatever one can think of. I am not others’ brains.

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