Music Reviews: #59

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Meet Me Halfway
The Black Eyed Peas
The E.N.D.

I actually like this.There is something spacey; there is something beautiful; there is something different about this song.There is something not annoying; there is not as much ‘in-yer-face’ style like the previous singles; there is something celebrity starstruck in this.

I actually don’t hate this song.

3-stars rating

Tokio Hotel

I never did; don’t; never really much will get the so-called craze for Tokio Hotel. Below are a list of issues I raised:

(A) The lead singer scares the shitballs outta me;


(B) The lead singer needs a haircut;

(C) I don’t really much get their blend of punk rock music;

(D) If they call themselves rock, I will faint. The more I hear the track, the more I believe that they’re collecting female fans to sleep with every night;

(E) Is this song digitally enhanced?

(F) Can they speak freaking English? Do they even know what the Hell they are singing?

That is all. I guess when I have noisy Christian neighbours who make a lot of pussy noises on Fridays and Sundays, I really do need a place to rant.

1-star rating

Leona Lewis
Towards Leona Lewis, I always have mixed feelings: “Bleeding Love”, the UK single of the year for 2007, was extremely overplayed by the mainstream; “Run” was okay, but it was a Snow Patrol hit, so credits still go back to the originals; “Forgive Me”, produced by Akon, is a good diversion for the singer, but song-wise does not deliver the punches; “A Moment Like This” is obviously too reality TV singing competition struggling single.I did like “Better In Time”, and now this. My sister was commenting on the irony of the video/song being a sad realization of love (or is it?), and should have been named “Unhappy”. But I like the irony; I like the twist; I like what is real.

I guess, I just want to be happy (too).

3-stars rating


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