Telepathe, 8 January 2010

“Dream is in this heart;
Seasons in these years;
Death is in this heart;
Death is in this heart;
Death is in this heart”

Doesn’t ring a bell?
Sure does in me, cause it is a track on my playlist for a while now; though it is pretty embarrassing, and bad on my end, not to include in other tracks of theirs into the playlist. If technology permits and pirates excel, we could be living in a brilliant accessible music world, and Lily will hate me.

The group I am talking about is Telepathe, “an experimental, avant-garde electronic girl double-act from Brooklyn consisting of core members Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudis” (quote from Wikipedia). They released their debut album ‘Dance Mother’ just this year, and they will be heading down to Singapore’s Home Club in early next year.

Kudos to Home Club; they have been bringing in great international acts to this tiny spot on the map. From CSS’s Lovefoxxx to recent The Futureheads gig (two days back from this post) to the only gig there thus I’ve been to, and for free – Emmy The Great, Home Club is one counted-on spot to keep your musical eyeview on for future musical events, or one to avoid the too-caught-in-the-act generation of young hooligan hipsters. Nonetheless, I still thank them for the music, as well as the free flow of drinks I had during its grand opening back then. (Thanks, A, too; though, awkward, somewhat, yes; and probably don’t wanna be reminded of)

Some Telepathe and information follows:

Telepathe live in Singapore
Location: Home Club
Date: Friday, 8 January 2010
(Doors open at 2000 hours)

P.S. don’t one hate it when one act came to Singapore and one only realized it thereafter the whole thing was over? That was my case of experience with Jens Lekman. I could have sold my pants to go watch him – and I will be the only one (freak) in the room with my underwear on; on a good day it will be a Calvin Klein, 2(x)ist or Jockey, on a bad day – ONE DON’T WANNA KNOW.


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