24 January…

… just got better, because The Killers are here.

And know what, (besides the fact that I vainly check on which day the 24th will fall at), it is a Sunday – a Sunday that is gonna be a little different, I know for sure; a Sunday that will be joyous, and yes, a Monday that I will most probably take leave at. I remember the first time something like this happened, it was during one of the MAAs, also coincidentally, happening on the same day as it is. Now, this musical greatness is happening, and once again – 24.

I wish I can wear the featherly Dolce & Gabbana outfits that The Killers are known to be dressed in, but obviously I am not capable of passing off as Brandon Flowers and does not have half the charm as he has; as well as the fact that I will, no time sooner, be getting any sponsorship from the fashion giant, so I will be dressing down in a little T-shirt and jeans, casual style, so that I can lose myself a little. It will be more fun to sing along than what I unfortunately had to do for Camera Obscura – wear formal. The words terrorize even.

For more information, one knows where to go – where I am guilty of obtaining music greatness news from:



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