Singapore: Celebrity Weddings

Because here at this spacepage, I love options – options for the people, democracy, freedom! – and I will like to think that I still have the ability to put myself in other’s shoes.

Kindly choose an option as opening:

  • If one bothers to watch television these days
  • If one bothers to watch local production shows these days
  • Local? Sorry I don’t consider myself one
  • I only watch local productions, cause it is close to home
  • Since my television broke down in May of 1994, I don’t know what’s been going on

Do you know of recent celebrity weddings broadcast as a programme over the TV waves?

  • Definitely! I live on such shows
  • Legally bound to another person is so uncool and can you imagine having wailing children running all around the place… I am sorry, what was the question again?
  • Who?
  • Yes, and I am not pleased
  • I guessed I shouldn’t but I somehow sat through it

What’s the opinion on such publicity stunt?

  • Purely disgusting; they might as well shag in front of the camera crew as well
  • So romantic! I want to get marry like that, like a fairytale storybook! (begins making act-cutesy sucking noises)
  • For the entertainment gossip value, I enjoyed watching it thoroughly
  • Did someone say entertainment gossip value? Can I take a moment to laugh at that? In Singapore?
  • I mind my own business, and I don’t give a fuck about such shitjunk

What will one have preferred to see?

  • A catfight broke loose, cake throwing, someone kick the bride at the pussy area. What’s TV for?
  • What is shown is what I want to see
  • I rather surf on down to the Internet for my weekly dosage of pornography
  • I swear not to watch television again
  • A much publicised divorce

If one is in their shoes, will one do it?

  • Hell yeah. I would suck money out of all those corporate suckers that wanna endorse in my goddamn wedding!
  • Hell yeah. It is very romantic
  • Hell yeah. I will be on every publication page and every stupid people’s minds. As one can see, I am very attention seeking
  • No. I am not so stupid
  • Maybe. Who knows about mine right?

Then why haven’t?

  • Sadly, I am neither rich or famous
  • Sadly, I am still finding the love of my life
  • and give up my single life? Kidding right? I sleep with a different woman every night! It is not the kinda lifestyle I wanna give up!
  • I am gay, and I can only do so in other countries
  • I am happily married and I don’t know what I am reading this corrupted blog/post entry

In comparsion, who has a better wedding?

  • The recent one
  • The one slightly a little anicent. Last year?
  • Mine, obviously
  • The one in the pornography I recently viewed
  • Weddings are for suckers

How do one feel after finishing this post?

  • I don’t even know why the hell I read through all these junk
  • It’s the end? I still wanna answer more!
  • It’s the best post ever. Until your next one. So, can I sex you now?
  • It’s just another post. Nothing special
  • I desperately wanna get married. I am going out right now to hook up

Now don’t ask me why I even wrote this. Pfffft.


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